Dancers auditioning for jazz dance companies should choose at least one combo to learn and perform at auditions. Dancers should learn the combo that challenges them, but still highlights their strengths. We want to see your potential and work ethic through these combos, not necessarily your perfection of the dances. If you choose to learn more than one combo, make sure to RSVP for corresponding audition times. Dancers auditioning for Elite jazz companies should learn Jazz 3 and/or 4 combos and attend the corresponding auditions in addition to Elite Auditions.

Jazz 1 Combo

Song: Walking On Sunshine

Jazz 1 Audition 2021

Jazz 2 Combo

Song: Ain't Giving Up

Jazz 2 Audition 2021

Jazz 3 Combo

Song: Like This

Jazz 3 Audition 2021

Jazz 4 Combo

Song: Escapade

Jazz 4 Audition 2021