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A note from Mrs. Lisa

Lisa's Dance Connection is celebrating its 31st year. It is my hope that each student feels the love we have for them and will one day look back and see the many benefits of dance.  Dance builds strength, muscle control, and correct posture; it develops coordination, mental alertness and a sense of rhythm, as well as teaching children the responsibilities involved in being part of a group.  If lessons continue over a period of time, children can gain gracefulness, poise, and self-confidence.  I consider it a blessing to watch all of my students grow into beautiful dancers.  ~ Mrs. Lisa



Graceful Steps... (excerpt from magazine article featuring Mrs. Lisa)


Lisa's Dance Connection in Temple is a thriving school of dance.  The studio has more than 500 students and a staff of 15+ dance instructors, and a friendly office staff.  The studio has three large dance rooms with professional dance floors, sound systems, video screens, viewing windows, and a large and inviting waiting room.  The walls are brightly painted and the office staff is friendly and helpful at all times.


Dance is not the only thing the students learn at Lisa's Dance Connection. Instructors assist in building a child's self-confidence and self-esteem. They would like for every child to be successful as an individual and to learn team-building skills by working with a group.  Through dance, the staff at Lisa's helps students feel good about even the smallest accomplishments.  Although many of the students go to dance competitions, competing is not the main focus. Students learn memory skills, discipline, teamwork, and the importance of practice. Good sportsmanship is stressed at all times. Lifetime friendships are often made.


Lisa's Dance Connection is more than a dance studio; it is a dream come true. Owner, Lisa Shed, had the dream when she was little girl.  She knew it was what she wanted to do with her life and she worked very hard to make the dream come true.  After receiving her degree in Education with an Early Childhood Specialization from Texas A&M and 29 years in business, Lisa's Dance Connection enjoys a solid reputation which serves as the best advertising you can get according to Lisa.  When asked what she loves the most about her dream come true, Lisa didn't hesitate with her answer:


"My favorite aspect of the studio is watching my students grow into beautiful dancers and adults.  I am fortunate to have several assistants and teachers on staff that started as my students many years ago.  It is very rewarding to build relationships with children and to know you are making a difference in a child's life," replied Lisa with a smile.


Lisa and her team at Lisa's Dance Connection are certainly making a difference in the lives of many in our Central Texas community.  They plan to continue for many years to come.


"My daughter would like to have a dance studio someday so it would be wonderful to watch her follow in my footsteps," says Lisa.


They are certain to be very graceful steps indeed.  Lisa's Dance Connection offers dance classes for ages 18 months through adult on all ability levels.


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