LDC Dance Curriculum

Move With Me

Move With Me is a class designed for 18-month-olds to 3-year-olds that uses creative movement to introduce the joy of dance, rhythm and musicality to toddlers. We have a blast with fun songs and props!

Dancers participate alongside a parent/caregiver. We love Move With Me classes because dancers get to bond with a parent/caregiver and make new friends to last a lifetime! This class is a great way to introduce your child to the dance studio experience while you are still in the room.

This class is 30 minutes long and meets once per week.

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Pre-Ballet is designed for 2.5 to 3-year-olds. This class introduces ballet terminology while using fun songs and creative movement to inspire a passion for dance at a young age.

Dancers participate in this class without a parent/caregiver. We love Pre-Ballet classes because young dancers discover independence while learning valuable skills through the use of fun dancing activities and props!

This class is 30 minutes long and meets once per week.


Ballet/Tap combo classes are designed for dancers between the ages of 3 and 10. We offer many class options for different age ranges and dance experience levels.

Dancers learn foundational technique in Ballet and Tap styles each week. We love Ballet/Tap because dancers get to expand their styles of dance by adding Tap!

Ballet improves a dancer's balance, grace, strength, and flexibility. Tap trains a dancer's ear to understand musicality through strategic phrasing of rhythm so dancers can audibly hear their technique at work while improving overall coordination and core control.

This class is 45 minutes long and meets once per week.

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a style of dance characterized by popular dance, bounces, rocks, and grooves. It is a unique and exciting style that is most commonly performed to upbeat, Hip Hop and popular music.

At LDC, we value clean and age-appropriate music, choreography, and costuming in all styles of dance. Our hip hop choreography at LDC is always clean, age and ability appropriate, and set to music free of profanity and suggestive lyrics. We offer many class options for different age ranges and dance experience levels. Dancers must be at least 5 years old to learn this style of dance at LDC.

We love Hip Hop because dancers get to have fun grooving to upbeat music and learning dance moves that will impress all of their friends and family! This class is sure to spark a love for dance, rhythmic expression, and fitness.

Hip Hop classes are 30 minutes long and meet once per week.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre dance classes focus on jazz dance fundamentals and technique, acting, and showmanship. We offer class options for different age ranges and dance experience levels. LDC offers Musical Theatre dance classes beginning at age 5.

Musical Theatre dance classes are highly recommended for those who may be interested in performing in musical productions. This class does not include vocal performance instruction, although there may be exercises where singing is encouraged but not required. If interested in private vocal instruction, we are happy to recommend qualified voice teachers in the area.

Dancers engage in acting exercises in addition to their dance training. Musical Theatre dance combinations and choreography are set to songs made famous by musicals on and off-Broadway, as well as TV and Movie Musicals.

This class is 30 minutes long and meets once per week.

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Tap/Jazz combo classes are designed for dancers between the ages of 6 and 12. We offer class options for different age ranges and dance experience levels. We recommend that dancers take this class is taken in tandem with a Classical Ballet class, either recreational or Classical Ballet Conservatory.

Dancers learn how to properly execute technique in Tap and Jazz dance styles each week. Built on a foundation of ballet and modern dance, Jazz dance incorporates body isolations, precise movements, high kicks, pirouettes, and leaps to upbeat music. Tap technique exercises become more intricate in Tap/Jazz compared to Ballet/Tap classes.

This class is 45 minutes long and meets once per week.

Classical Ballet

The Classical Ballet Conservatory at Lisa’s Dance Connection is a rigorous, syllabus-based program designed for dancers age five (5) to adult interested in pursuing a more serious study of classical ballet and participate in multiple performance opportunities. Interested dancers should contact LDC to arrange a placement class before registering. The Conservatory program is a performance-level program running from September through May, and dancers are expected to consistently attend a minimum number of classes each week for the entire season.

Classical Ballet Conservatory dancers are invited to perform in our Nutcracker and Spring Ballet each year. Any LDC dancer may participate in Conservatory classes if space is available but may not be eligible for all performances.

Conservatory classes progress through a graded syllabus from Preparatory to Advanced levels. Instruction includes pointe, repertoire, historical dance, character, variations, and partnering. Students will be placed in and progress through the levels of the program based on individual improvement and mastery of skills rather than age. Dancers should anticipate staying in each level at least 2 years or more.

Click here for more info about our Classical Ballet Conservatory at LDC.

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Jazz technique and choreography classes emphasize proper achievement of foundational Jazz steps and transitions, pirouettes, leaps, jumps, and battements. Dancers are trained to perform a variety of choreographic styles while achieving technical skills. Dancers may take Jazz outside of a combo class beginning at age 10 (or by approval).


Our Tap technique and choreography dance classes incorporate elements of the following Tap styles: Broadway/Traditional, Rhythm, Close To The Floor, Military, Boogie Woogie, Eccentric, Latin, and Improvisation. 

Tap classes focus on technique, skills, repertoire, and flash steps/tricks. Dancers may take Tap outside of a combo class beginning at age 10 (or by approval).

Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Rachel are certified Master Tap Instructors by the Texas Association Teachers of Dancing and hold Tap dance near and dear to their hearts!

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Lyrical is a style of expressive dance influenced by Ballet and Jazz techniques. This class is offered for dancers ages 10+ (or by approval) with previous experience in Ballet and Jazz.

Like Contemporary, story-telling is emphasized in this style of dance but Lyrical dancing is set more specifically to the lyrics of the songs used.

In contrast to Contemporary dance, Lyrical dance is made up of solely graceful and continuous movements. Dancers learn to seamlessly transition from one move to another without the staccato elements of Contemporary dance. Lyrical technique is more intricate than Contemporary and requires more ballet and jazz experience to execute properly.


Contemporary is a style of expressive dance influenced by Modern, Jazz, and Ballet techniques. This style of dance focuses on the contract and release of the body, as well as abrupt changes in rhythm, timing, and direction. It also employs floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristics of Modern dance. Story-telling is emphasized in this style of dance. Dancers tell a story TO music in Contemporary, while they tell the story OF the music in Lyrical.

Contemporary is one of the most popular styles of dance performed across the globe. LDC offers Contemporary dance classes for dancers ages 10+ (or by approval).

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Modern dance is a style of dance that challenges the structured dance technique of classical ballet. The focus of Modern dance is expression, rather than following a rigid set of postures or technical positions that Ballet dancers are trained in.

Modern dance is characterized by strategic and free movements, shapes, angles, and story-telling. LDC offers Modern dance classes for dancers ages 10+ (or by approval).

Drill Team/Pom

Drill Team/Pom is a Drill Team-style Jazz and Pom class. Dancers learn to execute proper kick, pom, leap, jump, and turn technique as well as develop healthy injury-prevention habits.

This class is recommended for dancers who desire to be a member of a Drill/Dance Team or are already a member but want to improve their technique in a studio setting.

Drill Team/Pom classes at LDC are taught by teachers who have formal studio training and Drill Team leadership experience. Private lessons are also available in for Drill Team tryout preparation.

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Strength & Flexibility

Strength & Flexibility is a class designed for dancers to implement healthy stretching and conditioning habits to improve agility and endurance. This class is recommended for dancers age 10+ (or by approval).

Dance Company

Interested in taking your dance education to the next level?

Dancers ages 6-19 may audition for our competitive dance program in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre dance styles. 

Email rachel@lisasdance.com and/or visit LDC Company Stars for more info.

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Dancers With Possibilities

Dancers With Possibilities is our program for dancers with special needs. We offer a Dancers With Possibilities Classical Ballet class through the Classical Ballet Conservatory and Move & Groove through our recreational dance program. Contact rachel@lisasdance.com to express interest in DWP.

Adult Dance Classes

We offer weekly dance classes for adults as well as special events throughout the year. Call us at 254-778-4344 or email rachel@lisasdance.com for info on our adult dance classes. Upcoming special events are posted on our social media accounts and Special Events page.

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Private Lessons & Choreography

We offer private lessons and choreography packages at LDC.

Call us at 254-778-4344 or email rachel@lisasdance.com for pricing and details. 

Questions about what we offer at LDC?
Email rachel@lisasdance.com and we will be happy to help you!