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Classical Ballet Conservatory

The Conservatory Program is offered during the Fall/Spring semesters.  Summer classical ballet classes and workshops are offered for any student interested in ballet.  Classes will be offered for all levels Preparatory through Intermediate/Advance levels as noted on the schedule.  Please note we are now offering TWO levels for our Preparatory students, one for ages 5-7 and one for ages 7-9. There are no attendance requirements for summer ballet unless required for company. 

The Classical Ballet Conservatory is a rigorous, syllabus-based program designed for those dancers interested in pursuing a more serious classical ballet education and performance opportunities.  All dancers at Lisa’s are invited to attend CBC classes.  However, dancers age 5 who would like to enter the Conservatory program are required to take a placement class and attend a minimum number of classes each week.  


Conservatory classes progress through a graded syllabus from elementary to advanced levels, including pointe, repertoire, and variations.  Students will be placed in and progress through the levels of the program based on individual improvement and mastery of skills rather than age. 


Performance opportunities are a vital part of the program, and CBC students will be invited to participate in all performances.  While some productions may allow for open auditions of all Lisa’s dancers, only CBC students will be eligible to participate in and audition for primary roles in all program productions.


In addition to the following minimum requirements, CBC students are encouraged to attend additional ballet classes at lower levels as well as classes in other styles of dance (jazz, modern, etc.).



Preparatory Class (45 minute class per week):

Designed for students age 7+ as a bridge between primary recreational ballet and the Conservatory Program.  Introduces earliest syllabus skills with a focus on posture, coordination, and musicality.

Elementary 1 and 2 (2 class minimum per week):

 Introduces the elementary levels of the syllabus with a focus on posture and stability required for more advanced work.  Includes barre and center instruction. 


Intermediate 3 (2 class minimum per week):

Covers intermediate levels of the syllabus with an increased emphasis on stability, strength and musicality.  Includes barre and center instruction. 


Intermediate 4 (3 class minimum per week):

Continuation of intermediate syllabus instruction with an introduction to pointe work.  Includes barre, center and pointe instruction.


Advanced 5 and 6 (3 class minimum per week):

Covers the advanced levels of the syllabus with a continued emphasis on stability, strength, and artistry.  Includes instruction in barre, center, pointe, basic repertoire and variations from the classic ballets.

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