Dancers auditioning for our musical theatre dance company should learn at least one of the following combos to perform at auditions. There is not an age suggestion for either company, as we are more concerned with execution of skills, choreography, and showmanship. Attempt the combo where you can execute the most skills and choreography successfully. Give it your all and show us your personality!

Thank you to the sweet dancers who are moving away and will not be auditioning again so they helped Mrs. Rachel film audition videos: Madeleine, Allie, McKenzie, and Noah. We love y'all and will miss you so much.

Musical theatre 1 combo

When dancing with the video, match the dancers from the back angle.

Song: You Can't Stop The Beat

Musical Theatre 1 - Company Auditions 2022

Musical theatre 2 combo

Song: Zero To Hero

Musical Theatre 2 - Company Auditions 2022