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Dancers auditioning for Tap should choose at least one combo to learn and perform at auditions. Dancers should learn the combo that challenges them, but still highlights their strengths. We want to see your potential and work ethic through these combos, not necessarily your perfection of the dances. If you choose to learn more than one combo, make sure to RSVP for corresponding audition times. Dancers auditioning for Pre-Pro Tap levels should learn the Pre-Pro combo and attend the corresponding audition in addition to the self-choreographed solo auditions. Read more about Pre-Pro Auditions here:

PLEASE NOTE: Dancers 6-12 years old must audition with both Jazz AND Tap and cannot choose one or the other. This is because our Performance-level companies (Activ8 and Motiv8) compete with jazz AND tap. For example, if a dancer age 10 auditions for jazz only and meets the requirements for Activ8 jazz, they would not be placed in Activ8 because they must tap with them as well. Dancers may or may not be placed in either or both styles, but need to audition in both if they desire to do Tap and/or Jazz. However, dancers ages 6-12 can choose to audition for other styles without needing to audition for Jazz and Tap (Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Contemporary). If you have questions about this, contact Mrs. Rachel.

performance tap combo

Performance Tap Audition 23-24

competitive tap combo

Competitive Tap Audition 23-24

pre-pro tap combo

Pre-Pro Tap Audition 23-24
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