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Dance Styles taught at LDC


Our ballet program for children develops musicality, rhythm, movement skills, coordination, expression, and creativity. It encourages class participation, focus, and confidence. As children advance, we offer a classical ballet program. Pink ballet shoes are required for female dancers and black ballet shoes for male dancers.


Tap dancing is a fun style of dance that develops rhythm and timing. Dancers put on special shoes with metal taps. With their feet, tap dancers create rhythmic sounds and beats. Students can hear their sounds to make sure that they're correct. Black tap shoes are required.


Jazz dancing is energetic and fun. It consists of unique moves, fancy footwork, and leaps and turns. To excel in jazz, dancers need a strong background in ballet, as it encourages grace and balance. Black jazz shoes are required for recreational classes. Company dancers may need black and/or tan.

Hip Hop

This high-energy class uses the latest sounds in Hip Hop, R&B and pop music together with movements influenced by today's hottest video choreographers presented in an age-appropriate manner. The class begins with a basic warm-up to stretch and tone the body followed by fun and energetic combinations. Black jazz shoes are required for recital. Tennis shoes are permitted for class.

Classical Ballet

See Classical Ballet Conservatory page for breakdown of Classical Ballet classes.


See Classical Ballet Conservatory page. Readiness for pointe work is determined by each student's strength and physical development not by their age. The instructor will advise parents when a student has the necessary strength and maturity to go on pointe. Pre-pointe dancers wear pink ballet shoes. Pointe dancers (teacher-approved) wear pink pointe shoes.


Contemporary is a form of dance influenced by ballet and modern dance. It is an expressive type of dance that encourages fluid movements. See front desk for shoe requirements.




Mommy & Me/Pre-Ballet

Mommy & Me is a great way to begin your child's dance education. This class is for ages 18 months to 2 years. It is a wonderful  bonding activity for parent and child. We use props such as parachutes, bean bags, and other manipulatives to engage the kids in activities. This class develops social interaction, rhythm, and movement. Students can wear pink ballet shoes or tennis shoes.


At the age of 2.5, a child has the option to move into our pre-ballet program.  The curriculum is similar to Mommy and Me but begins to incorporate basic ballet instruction.  The parents do not participate when a child begins the pre-ballet program.  It's a great stepping stone to get the child ready for our ballet/tap classes that begin at the age of 3. Students need to wear pink ballet shoes.

Musical Theatre

can combine songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. Our Musical Theatre dance classes focus on the dance technique, skills, and showmanship needed to be successful in musicals.

Dancers With Possibilities

Dancers With Possibilities is a class for dancers with special needs. We believe everyone should have a chance to dance and feel like a star. Students attend with their caregiver. This class uses bright and colorful props and stresses creative movement. Dancers are encouraged to participate at their own pace. Dancers can choose to wear ballet or tennis shoes, or simply dance with bare feet. 

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